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Life isn’t usually black & white, but sometimes images are begging to be. 

Three Region Photography | The Doctorette | The Lion House

While we usually revel in the color spectrum of The Meadows (like peak fall foliage in fields, or those vibrant spring greens in mature forests, or golden grasses in Meadow ceremony sites, or massive floral mural wallpaper, or the myriad of orange lounge sets we have…) sometimes removing all of those shades from a photograph leaves a more subtle imprint; sometimes, it’s actually more striking to see an image in black and white. We’re left with the essence of the person + place, no distractions.

Radian Photography | Plume Events

Photographers, as all artists do, have varying approaches to the albums they offer. Sometimes an album has no B&W. Sometimes an album has two identical sets of images - one in B&W, and one in color. But my personal favorite? Albums that have just a handful of monochrome scattered throughout. These are the showstoppers… or the scrollstoppers when you’re browsing through an album.

Morningwild Photography | Magnolia & Grace Events | Meristem Floral

Given Halloween (and Fall finally gracing us with her weather-presence), there’s a particularly dramatic tone to most of what is featured here. If you can keep patient until Spring broaches, we’ll be sharing our favorite black and white images that prove monochrome can feel light & bright, too.

J.P. Lord Photography

Morningwild Photography

Kaitlyn Blake Photography

J.P. Lord Photography

Java Rose Photography

By Colette Photo

Libby McGowan Photography

Jane Kim Photography

Kaitlyn Blake Photography | Amanda Blair By Design

Morningwild Photography | Magnolia & Grace Events

Morningwild Photography | Magnolia & Grace Events

Morningwild Photography | Magnolia & Grace Events

Kaitlyn Blake Photography | Amanda Blair By Design

Brett & Jessica Photo | Magnolia & Grace Events | Wylde

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