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From the Meadows, to the Valley, to the Grove with it’s white dome, our 115 acre nature preserve is a limitless palette of ceremony site options. Take your pick, we have the space.

Jaclyn Nolin Photography | Mother of Wild NC | The Big Fake Wedding | Timeless Events

Jordan Maunder Photography | Bushel & Peck Florals

Radian Photography

Whether the great indoors are your first choice or your weather plan, we offer expansive white walls, reclaimed brick & barn door backdrops, industrial roll up windows, or a lofted open-air patio space.

The diversity is the same on the preserve: heavily wooded chapels, rolling meadows, an intimate valley, garden inspired lawns with a vista, or a cove that strikes an elopement chord. We are constantly working on curating and refining more options on the property, also. 

Jane Kim Photography | Bowerbird Flowers

Jane Kim Photography | Bowerbird Flowers

Three Region NC | Colorfield Farm

If the breadth of choice feels overwhelming, it won’t when you arrive. Spaces usually speak directly to our couples. Sort of like your lover... you just know when it’s the “one”. But, so many other factors help curate the decision process; our team & your planner can all assist in helping weigh the benefits and perks of each site.

Jordan Maunder Photography | Wylde Co.

JP Lord Photography

Whether there’s rain or shine on the radar, we encourage couples to equally love an indoor and outdoor option. Usually the hangup is choosing between them, which is a good problem to have. 

As far as aesthetics, the spaces are truly yours for the undertaking. Opulent, understated, garden inspired, elegant + whimsical, timeless, bohemian, or anything in between works. This would sound like lip service if the photos didn’t speak for themselves! 

Pamela Jahnke Photography | Perfect Palette Floral

Morgan Caddell Photography

Aurelia Baca Photography | Kelsey McGovern Photography | Morgan Caddell Photography

We are endlessly grateful to the couples, planners, and florists who help breathe life into our land. Thank you for sharing your love stories + artistry with us!

Radian Photography | Bowerbird Flowers

Radian Photography | Jordan Maunder Photo | Brett + Jessica Photo

Pennington Co. | Co.L’amour Foto

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