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Welcome to The Meadows at Firefly Farm. where tradition and heritage come together to create a truly unique and special wedding venue. We want to introduce you to our historic vine that has been a part of our property for over 120 years.

The mother vine, a heritage scuppernong vine, was planted when the house was first built, and has been lovingly cared for and passed down through generations. Our neighbor, Mr. Howard, attests that it produces the best scuppernong grapes he has ever tasted, making it a true treasure on our property.

Mother vine pruning

At The Meadows, we are dedicated to preserving and honoring the legacy of the mother vine. Each spring, we carefully root new vines from the original plant, ensuring that its heritage and flavor continues to thrive for years to come. Kurt will show you how this process is done, from taking long leaders and gently coaxing them to root, to nurturing them with soil, rooting hormone, and a little TLC.

By following these steps, we can continue the legacy of the mother vine, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the delicious fruits it produces. We invite you to come and witness this process for yourself, and perhaps even try your hand at rooting a vine from our beloved heritage scuppernong.

mother vine pruning

Experience the beauty and history of The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve, where tradition and nature come together to create a truly magical setting for your special day. Join us in celebrating love, heritage, an the beauty of the land at our unique and enchanting wedding venue.

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