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Rooting Fig Trees at The Meadows

Updated: May 20

Hello Nature Lovers!

Today, we are diving into the art of propagating one our favorite plants at The Meadows, the Celeste Fig Tree. This is he process of rooting branches and roots from the tree in order to successfully replant them elsewhere.

When it comes to rooting, the first step is to identify a healthy shoot with promising buds. We carefully scrape off a bit of the cambium layer and apply a beneficial compound to facilitate the rooting process. To ensure the branch stays in place, we use a weight, such as a cinder block, to secure it in the soil.

After filling the container with soil, we patiently wait for about a year for the roots to develop and grow. It a rewarding journey to witness the transformation from a simple root to a thriving new tree. The last picture-perfect example, we rooted last spring and has now flourished into a beautiful Celeste Fig Tree, showcasing its lush roots and promising growth.

As we carefully remove the cinder blocks, we reveal a healthy root system, indicating that the propagation process has been successful. The newly rooted Celeste is now ready to be transplanted and continue its growth.

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