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Do you also have fond memories of the kid’s table during holiday bashes and family gatherings? That sacred, separate space where secrets are shared and the family at large is surveyed? That place where you could do a little dance, make a little mess, and get down to your Thanksgiving dinner without any manner reminders?

Sarah C. Stewart Photography

If my memory serves me, the kid’s table was special; the sort of rare honor that you grow out of, and not into. 

Enter, the sweetheart table. This is your younger you’s dream come true! You still get to build your own world amidst a big party, but this time your design sense is possibly more refined. Not that we have anything against tying your dinner napkins into turkey shapes.

This time, if all eyes are on you while you’re eating, it’s out of awe and not from being reprimanded for picking past all the meat and devouring the sides (aren’t we all just here for the sides?!).

Kaitlyn Blake Photography | Amanda Blair By Design | Mood Fleuriste

Brett & Jessica Photo | Magnolia & Grace Events | Wylde Co

Pros to having a sweetheart table include more time and space to actually sample your reception food, a few quieter moments with your lover, and your wedding party getting to sit with their significant others. Even if you decide to go with a sweetheart table sans seating chart, we still recommend seating your immediate family + wedding party at designated tables, nearby. It gives guest a focal point for speeches + toasts, and keeps your maid of honor close by with that emergency pack.

Brett & Jessica Photo | Magnolia & Grace Events | Wylde Co.

As for styling your wedding day on a budget, a sweetheart table allows for a bold reception. statement without breaking the bank.

Think 2 ghost chairs, not 20… or a cascading floral runner that is 6ft in length, not 16. Sometimes the seemingly small decisions can help keep your planning within budget while still giving you space to bring your coveted Pinterest board to life.

The sweetheart table style usually mirrors the wedding day mood but on a larger scale; whether tropical, romantic, alternative, mid-century, vintage, minimal, traditional, or something else entirely, your sweetheart table style can always take the general aesthetic next level with furnishing, tabletop goods, florals, and more.

Morningwild Photography | Magnolia & Grace Events | Wylde Co

Nicole Kameenui Photo | Whimsically Wed | Jerry E Gordon Events | Tildy Designs | Silver Ceiling Beauty | A Change of Dress

Jordan Maunder Photography | The Lion House Co

Ellie Mckinney Photography | The Gathering co. | Teacup Floral

If you’re stuck on having a head table, fear not! We have a post coming exclusively for you, too. There are pros to both, but I dare say a con doesn’t exist for either. Whether you’re prioritizing a little alone time as newlyweds or preferring to keep your bff’s close by, it’s a matter of preference as there’s no wrong way to wine and dine yourselves + your guests.

Three Region NC | The Lion House | The Doctorette | Colorfield Farms | Greenhouse Picker Sisters

As for the location? Pick a corner, or the floor to ceiling windows, the cantina, the meadows, or the patio. We have 115 acres for you to use and hope you’ll make the space your very own. We want your wedding dinner to feel just like being at Nana’s on Thanksgiving Day.

Lahmann Photo Co | Plume Events

Lahmann Photo Co | Plume Events | Greenhouse Picker Sisters

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